This is actually a writing assignment, but upon thinking about it, it probably should have been done at the start. It just never occurred to me. I am just going to wing it, and write what comes to mind, since I have not written a draft.

Who Am I?

Well, I did the tag “Who am I?” yesterday, so it is funny I got this assignment last night. Definitely not planned that way. The tag, though, did not tell much about me as a person, just some traits. Even though the traits provide a rough framework, the details are what give flesh to the picture. I am getting very close to 50 yrs. old, mother of 8, grandmother of 5 (soon, come January of 6). When I was younger, in charge of the 24 hour care of the children, I could have never done this. Not even when it was only 3. I never had a spare minute to myself. Don’t get me wrong– I very much enjoyed my life, cherished each of those moments and being a mother, and enjoyed all the tasks that went into that effort. I just threw myself, for nearly 30 years, into that role that I put me on hold. Now that they are grown, and that chapter of daily care of the children has closed, it was time to start focusing on other things. What did I enjoy, outside of my family? What interested me? I now had time to give thoughtful consideration to those pursuits. Being a life- long avid reader, one of those pursuits, was of course, books. When the kids were home, I did not have as much time to delve into reading for enjoyment; even then, a good deal of the reading was devoted to or involving, in some way their education, development, etc. Now I have the time to actively pursue books, and anything book related… and the blog was a natural extension of that. I love talking to people about books, connecting with them, interviewing authors about books, and promoting them via giveaways for more people to enjoy. But, even knowing that, gives an incomplete picture, doesn’t it? What else interests me? Cooking– I love to cook, to try new recipes, foods, flavor combinations, and ethnic dishes. Nothing is off limits, well almost. I cannot bring myself to even nibble anything amphibious or reptilian. UGH! I have an immense cookbook collection, in the thousands, and always looking for more. I especially love the old ones, but I always have been old-fashioned, as evidenced by my choice in family size. I also love making things… anything crafty. You name it. I like decorating, gardening, and do-it-yourself projects. I enjoy current events (not Hollywood or celebrity stuff, mind you), and political debates. I love learning new things, subjects, facts. I think I find just about anything interesting. I think that just about sums it up, and gives a bit more picture of me and my life.  Assignment completed! : )