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  1. How much do you follow the news?
  2. Are you currently living in the same city you were born in?
  3. Is there anything in particular that you are looking forward in the near future?
  4. What makes you laugh (i.e. what do you find funny)?
  5. What do you stress about the most?
  6. If you join the circus, what would you perform and why?


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Stacy’s Answers:

  1. I somewhat follow the news– I guess as much at time allows. I do think it is important to be at least somewhat aware of what is going on in the world, more than the typical 2 minute bites the one usually gets through news media– but with life and responsibilities, it can be difficult to stay abreast of what is really going on and to see all sides of an issue.
  2. No, I don’t live in the same area I was born– in the same region of the country, but now a totally different state.
  3. In the short term, I am looking forward to visiting with my family for the Easter holiday; in the long term…. long term would be, I look forward to the remodel of my house being done.
  4. Situations I imagine in my head as being awkward or ironic (like when I am reading), also many things that are humorous, though I really don’t find the stupid humor that is so common on t.v. and movies today all that funny
  5. I hate deadlines. I always bite off more than I can chew, so to speak, and figure I can accomplish much more than is realistically possible, then stress trying to make everything work withing that timeframe.
  6. I always thought the trapeze artist looked fun and glamorous, or the aerial artists– so beautiful the way the choreograph their performances. If only the circus’ weren’t a dying breed. : (

Daisy’s Answers:

  1. Enough to know what’s going on out in the world around me, but not as much as most other people do.
  2. Nope.
  3. Yeah, working more on a novel I’m writing. I haven’t been giving it the attention it calls for lately, but I really should, and I hope to just start dedicating to it very soon in a serious way.
  4. Comedies, my family, funny memes on the computer, jokes that everybody else thinks are lame, and The Spy Who Kissed Me by Pauline Baird Jones. I only recently discovered that book, but as soon as I read it I knew I was hooked. It’s so funny!
  5. Life. Life can be pretty stressful at times.
  6. When I was young, I saw an Asian act at a circus that really impressed me. A lady came out with a rounded, tasseled cloth in her hand, and she spun it on her fingertips. She’d throw it in the air, catch it, switch it from one hand to another, then to her foot, then from one foot to another. She’s lay on her back, and while she kept it spinning on her foot, she’d spin another one with her hands. I am not sure, but I believe the act may have been called “The Chinese Frisbee”. After seeing that act, I got myself a Chinese Frisbee of my own, and practiced and practiced until I could keep it going for long amounts of time. I was even successful at tossing it up, catching it, and keeping it going. I couldn’t ever master the foot thing, though. :’-(
    I still have the tasseled cloth. I relearned how to spin it in like a half-hour to show y’all what I’m talking about. Nothing fancy, though. I’ve lost my knack for that, it seems. Please excuse the poor picture quality of the video; it is my first cinematic endeavor, and was filmed by myself using a low-quality digital camera propped atop a huge, teetery stack of books (what else?). I do hope it provides you with some entertainment, however. 🙂

Cloth Spinning – The Movie

Very long answer short, I’d do her act. Or I’d be a clown. I can be pretty goofy at times, and I enjoy making people laugh. If you watched the video, though, you probably already guessed that. 😉

I won’t nominate anyone, but if you’d like to take part– feel free!