An author who we have had the pleasure of reading his books and interviewing in the past (see Anthony Jones and here) has just released a delightful children’s book called “The Gesture Grin”.


The Gesture Grin is a fun tale of how rewarding it is when we apply our self in problem solving. The Cave Town Yawl’s find it near impossible to function when the light of day ends and night rules their home. Yawl Tall finds the answer they were looking for with the help of the Gesture Grin. In the spirit of Dr. Seuss, this rhyming fable is meant to help children understand the importance of using their head for more than an object to lay on their bed.

My Review: 

4 **** stars

Cute book for children about Grin who is a magical creature called a Gesture and is the originator of thoughts. It is the tale of the Yawls who are cave people afraid of the dark, stumble around, and bang their heads. Tall Yawl believes there must be a solution to this problem, but what could it be? He ponders, and wonders, and then one night lightening flashes and strikes a tree, setting it on fire. He puts a stick to the fire and, Viola! a torch and no more darkness in their caves.
My granddaughter and I enjoyed this story and found many of the illustrations humorous. The entire story is told in rhyme and we thought it was reminiscent of Dr. Suess, and then on the back, there it was: “Inspired by Dr. Suess”.
Here is the blurb from the back:
“Join Yawl Tall as he seeks a way,
To end the darkness that comes each day.
Just when it seems no answer is near,
Tall uses his thinker and Grin Appears.
Grin is a Gesture, a creature of thought,
Rewarding with an answer when all seems naught.
Be it Snap, Nod, Grin, or Wink,
A Gesture appears every time you think.
Will Yawl Tall find the answer he desperately seeks:
Turn the page and take a peek.”

My thanks to the author for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.