35110743Blurb: James Madison Young, American teen, has been summoned to serve as the figurehead King of Kalymbria. Not one to be satisfied with a do-nothing role, he has wrested control from the corrupt ruling council. After solidifying his hold on the reins of government power, he has instituted the first of his planned reforms: abolition of slavery and human sacrifice. A year after his summoning, he now must defeat rebellious former Council members who seek a return to the old ways. Martialing the newly raised Kalymbrian Legion, he leaves his pregnant wife, Julia, to serve as regent, and sets out to suppress the nascent rebellion before it can plunge his country into unbridled civil war. Along the way, he invents powerful new enchanted devices, and meets interesting new allies, dangerous new foes, and a dragon!

Stacy’s Review: **** stars!

This is the second of The Kalymbrian Chronicles I have read and am eager for the third.
I was glad to see King Jim adjusting so well to his new home in Kalymbria, and doing a very good job for a king. In spite of war, assassination attempts on his life, he and his wife adopting a daughter, and trying to abolish entrenched beliefs and behaviors in Kalymbria such as slavery and child sacrifice. Also, becoming the father of his own two twin boys would be quite a challenge itself.
I think the series would make a great movie… it has a lot of action, suspense, and mystery.
I would like to thank Dave Neuendorf for the complimentary copy of this book.


twogalsandabook.com:  It is good to see that King Jim is adjusting so well in his new world, Kalymbria. I know he misses his family on Earth. Will he ever be able to develop the technology to communicate with them?

Dave Neuendorf: That’s one of his greatest goals, but so far he’s relied on Maynard to figure out how to do it. If Maynard doesn’t get results soon, Jim is resolved to take matters into his own hands.

twogalsandabook.com:  It was wonderful that Jim and Julia made Celia their ward, and I am sure Nancy is happy too. Seeing that Celia’s powers are so unusually strong so young, am I wrong in assuming that she is going to play a large role in the upcoming novel? Possibly with O’Hara?

Dave Neuendorf: That seems like a good assumption, since those two didn’t have a big part in the second book. Saying more would be a spoiler.

twogalsandabook.com: I think Nancy’s role is going to take an unexpected turn, am I right?

Dave Neuendorf: I hope everybody’s role will have surprises, and I think Nancy is primed to do something significant that doesn’t involve magic.

twogalsandabook.com:  I sort of sense Sharmin could be capable of treachery, or is my overly suspicious mind making more of things than are in evidence?

Dave Neuendorf: If Sharmin does something Jim doesn’t like, it won’t be due to treachery. Marrying Titus should settle her down quite a bit.

twogalsandabook.com:  Being eager to read the next in the series, (book #3), when can we expect to see it? Soon I hope!

Dave Neuendorf: I’m not making promises, but I’m trying hard to get it out before the end of this year.

twogalsandabook.com:  I imagine that Ralph and Michael will figure prominently in future books, especially since their unique gifts are already evident so young. Can you give us any hints?

Dave Neuendorf: The plan right now is for the third and last book to start four years after the end of the second. There’s only so much trouble a pair of four-year-olds can get into, right? Ha!

twogalsandabook.com:  Why were the Genovans so hostile to King Jim? Was it because they were just suspicious of his intentions or is it an omen as to future events?

Dave Neuendorf: The Genovans that were hostile to Jim and Berange had only recently replaced their monarchy with a republic. Here was a king wanting to move his army through their territory, so they were naturally suspicious. Don’t forget that the Genovan government was friendly enough to loan Berange as Jim’s military advisor, so they are not all hostile. I don’t see a lot of trouble between Kalymbria and Genova.

twogalsandabook.com:  Will the faith spread to the other kingdoms through Jim’s sponsorship?

Dave Neuendorf: Jim doesn’t believe in governments being entangled with religion, but he’ll give his personal support whenever he can. Since there’s a bona fide prophet, Jarvis, he’s in charge of evangelism efforts. The story of the miracle of Jim’s resurrection by Jarvis will certainly spread internationally, and that’s bound to give his preaching credibility. I haven’t yet figured out exactly how I’ll incorporate the Christian theme into this plot, but I do intend to do it.

twogalsandabook.com:  I hope Ruinga gets destroyed!  One would think the Venickans would be very willing to help in this…. is it that they are fearful, or is there something more?

Dave Neundorf: Ruinga is extremely powerful as long as she stays in her tower, which is situated on top of a fully charged intermatter well. That’s why everybody, including the Venickans, are afraid to attack her. Clearly, though, Jim will have to deal with her somehow. Also, don’t forget that a dragon has roosted at some point on top of her tower. That could add a further complication.

Twogalsandabook.com would like to thank Dave Neuendorf for the interview and the giveaway!

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