My thanks to for nominating me for this tag. Let me jog my memory for books to fit the bill. : )


Celtic punk: Favourite Obscure Book/ A Book with a Non-Western Setting


I thought it was a great read looking at the culture of old Japan, the way things had always been, and the ending of that way of life– sad really.


Classical: Favourite Classic/ Book that Should Become a Classic

I lean toward the regular classics…..


Who can say more about this than what has already been said? I loved each of the girls for their differences, and part of me could identify with each one.


Soul/ RnB: A Powerful Book


A book about the grittier side of Victorian England, I read this 838 page book (my paperback version), in 3 days– literally could not put it down. I thought it was very sad though.


Cover Songs (Original) : Favourite Retelling

I haven’t read many retellings to date, so I will pick a biography about a person that has been retold in many ways by different authors:


I thought Ms. Miles did a great job of telling the tale of this complex queen (and raises some questions too if her research is accurate!)


Soundtrack: Favourite Book to Movie Adaptation/ Adapted Book 


Loved the books, and the movies too! When some of my children were younger, we would have marathons of watching these (the ones that were available then), back to back and eat junk food lol…. we loved it!


Rock and Roll: An Action Packed Book


Great book, which also happens to be a great movie series I love. I identify with a lot of the customs, tradition, attitudes growing up in a predominately Italian family.


Pop: A Book with a Pretty Cover that You Lost Interest In

I am going to have to think about this one…. usually if a book doesn’t make much impact on me, I soon forget all about it. Hmmmmm…. be back soon as I ponder this.


Although I don’t find the cover “pretty” per se, it did intrigue me…. but the mystery did nothing for me. I do have other books by this author on my TBR, so I am hoping that it was just this book.


Reggae: Favourite Seasonal Book

This is my current favorite holiday book:



Country: A Historical Fiction Book That Wasn’t For You/ You Loved

I loved this one (one of my sons did too!):




#Review: The Binding Song @ElodieITV ‏ A well written, atmospheric, haunting read! @MulhollandUK