My Review:

3 *** stars

I was really torn about this book– first off, because I think in a sense, it accurately portrays how much an overwhelming, all- consuming obsession an eating disorder can become. I have read that those afflicted with this feel very out-of-control in their lives, and begin to major on the minor– i.e. what does and doesn’t go into their mouths, because that they can control. I have heard tales of measuring food in preparation (each dice having to be an exact size), and extreme anxiety over any extra calorie accidentally consumed (eating at a friend’s, and getting caught up in conversation and losing track of how much was actually eaten, etc.)…and this book showed how it can take over one’s life. Extreme calorie counting (allowing themselves only a few hundred a day or less) , obsessive workouts, and serious self- image issues (where no matter how thin they become, they still see the heavy person in the mirror), to the point every thing else in life becomes trivial — relationships, life goals and dreams– the only thing matters is “getting thin enough” to erase the “fat” person in their head– which never happens. For this reason, I didn’t give it a lower rating.
But, I felt the main character in this book, saw the other people in her life as serving a purpose to help her achieve the status she had always longed for– popularity, included with the “in”crowd, and prom queen, and getting the date with the most popular guy in school. She seemed to be a bit of an over-indulged brat that was willing to sacrifice all the people she cared about in order to achieve her self-absorbed goals.
The end did have an emotional ending, but her recovery seemed to be barely touched on (not the long painful process it would be in reality)– only given a couple of sentences in passing, and for these reasons I didn’t give it a higher rating.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review– thank you.



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