In honor of Independence Day, we would like to spotlight a few Revolutionary War era historical fiction books.


George Washington has been marked for death. British agents embedded in the Continental Army wait only for the order to strike. Racing against time, rebel spy Ethan Matlock sets out to protect the one man who can save the Revolution. Without General Washington, the whole American enterprise might easily collapse, for no one else has demonstrated the ability to keep together an army that constantly threatens to fall apart.

Boldly Ethan infiltrates the heart of the British military, occupiers of grand old Philadelphia, where elegant officers posture in drawing rooms and frolic in the bedrooms of the rich. Surrounded by twenty thousand redcoats, aware that the slightest misstep could lead to the gallows, Ethan resorts to vicious measures to unravel a conspiracy of power-hungry men. Against his better judgment, he becomes entangled with the provocative Miss Maddie Graves, whose fierce devotion to the American cause ironically threatens his mission.

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Enough Good Men is a novel of our seedtime, from the vague stirrings of a desire for freedom to the great deadlock of the opening armies that assured final American victory.

It is the story of Micah Heath, bound boy, smuggler and soldier of the tatterdemalion army that forever walked; Alex March, intelligent Philadelphia lawyer and patriot who thoroughly understood the nature of the struggle and refused to turn his back on it; Philly Twillow, bound girl, servant and valiant patriot who loved both Micah and Alex; Kathy Murdoch, proud and ambitious, who married Alex and refused to try and understand the time of ferment.

This is a story of how the very few almost lost the Revolution because of the indifference and selfishness of the many.

(Stacy) I have read this one four times (I first got the book when I was 17) and have enjoyed it each and every time— for me a 5 star read!


Eleven-year-old Abigail Jane Stewart records the despair and hope of the difficult winter between 1777-1778–when she witnessed George Washington readying his young soldiers on the frozen fields of Valley Forge.

(Stacy) I have read this one twice and thought it was just as good the second time around. 5 stars!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Enjoy your fireworks!