I was pleased to read and review this book with guest reviewer. award winning author Elaine Williams Crockett.


After seven women fall victim to a serial killer, journalist Kate Rivendale becomes embroiled in the manhunt. The authorities have no suspect, only one forensic link dating way back to the 1930s.

Detective Chief Inspector William Beckley needs to salvage his career; he has too many deaths on his conscience. Beckley entices Kate to go undercover, a decision which backfires with devastating consequences.

While DCI Beckley reaches a horrifying conclusion about the murderer Kate enters a desperate fight for her life… while battling to keep her own secrets buried.

Stacy’s Review:

3.5 stars

** spoiler alert ** Briguella (Brighella) is a character out of Italian classical drama and the serial killer in this mystery wears the mask representing this character who was known to be cunning and deceitful. Random girls are being attacked and Kate, a newspaper investigative reporter, has been covering the story. After her sister is attacked as a warning to her, she feels compelled to help Det. Beckley by being bait to try to catch the elusive killer and put an end to the maniac’s rampage. The tables are turned on her when she is abducted right out of her bed while the police are supposed to be protecting her, and taken to a secluded location, restrained and abused. The suspense in the book was good, but I was disappointed in the ending. For me it had a good pace, then at the end fell flat. The premise was good– the good, loving and caring husband of the reporter is behind all of it in revenge of his twin brother’s death, but usually there seems to be little “off” things periodically, that during the course of the story one might not put much into, then when it all wraps up and the reader looks back, they can say “Ah ha! I see it now!” But there was none of that… I progressed through the story expecting that sort of thing with one of the characters, and when it turned out to be the husband, which was so out of character for him I couldn’t believe it, I was let down. I was disappointed that the story had been going so well, and then let down. If goodreads had fractional ratings, I would give it a 3.5.
I received this book in exchange for a free review. Thank you.

Elaine’s Review:

5 stars


There’s a serial killer on the loose in Westhaven and it’s up to handsome DCI Will Beckley to catch the psychopath before he kills again. Pretty Kate Rivendale is an eager young journalist who annoys Will when she inserts herself into his investigation. But to Kate’s surprise, instead of telling her to stay out of the way, Will asks her to go undercover and entice the killer into the open. As the investigation progresses, their attraction to each other grows. And that’s a problem because catching the killer leaves no room for error and their relationship will blind them to the real killer and put both their lives in danger.

This is a story in the grand, classic tradition of the great British crime thriller. I found myself enthralled, anxious to find out whether Will and Kate would outwit the killer and bring him to justice. The pacing, dialogue, and narrative are perfect. The detail about forensics, pathology, and crime scenes are graphic and make the story realistic. Although I thought I knew who the killer was, instead of becoming bored or disinterested in the outcome, it made me absolutely terrified that I was wrong! There’s a twist.

Primarily, though, this is a character-driven novel, and I was especially drawn to Will. Strong, stable, good-looking. And I’d like to take this opportunity to address him: Will, if you’re still out there and single …. well, I’m getting off track. The point is—the characters feel real. You experience what they do. You feel what they feel. They step off the page. The bonus is the excellent writing and the plot that throws out an array of possible suspects that will keep you in suspense until the very end. My verdict: A delicious 5 star experience.


My thanks to Elaine Williams Crockett for reviewing the book as well for the blog. I enjoyed working with her! You can check out our interview with her about her books “Do Not Assume” and “Do Not Ask” here!