A gripping Historical Adventure set in 16th Century Tudor England. Elizabeth Tudor needs a hero. Murder, Mystery & Intrigue with a Splash of Romance.

Based on actual historical events, an epic tale of a young Tudor nobleman’s courage as he tries to keep his future Queen safe in one of England’s most turbulent eras.

If you enjoy Tudor Fiction by Phillipa Gregory and Alison Weir then ‘A Queens Spy’ is perfect for you. A fascinating insight into Tudor England and the life of Elizabeth I before she sets foot on the steps to the throne.

The story unfolds in 16th Century Tudor England

Richard Fitzwarren is a Tudor nobleman with a dubious past who takes risks for a living.

His close friendship with Princess Elizabeth leads to his banishment to France, but when he returns he remains loyal to her.

At his side is Jack, his bastard sibling, and their relationship is a troubled one due to a family secret and their opposite personalities.

Will he keep the future Queen safe?

Will Richard Fitzwarren make it?
Will he and his brother solve their issues?
Will he manage to keep the Elizabeth Tudor safe?

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As a young man he had been attached to Thomas Seymour’s household, working with Seymour’s spy and intelligence network. Seymour, married to Henry VIII’s widow, Catherine Parr. Through his wife he became guardian of the young Elizabeth Tudor, and so Richard Fitzwarren became a close childhood friend of Elizabeth Tudor. So close that Seymour was readily believed when he blamed Richard for the liberties he himself had taken with the young princess. Banished from his father’s house for the crimes he didn’t commit he’s learnt his trade well in France returning to England a self styled Tudor soldier of fortune selling his services, and those of his mercenary band to the highest bidder.

Now he’s back in England, his bastard sibling at his side and a band of mercenaries at his back. Despite selling his services to support Northumberland place Lady Jane Grey on the throne he remains loyal to the lady Elizabeth; soon he is embroiled in Tudor intrigue as he tries to keep the Lady safe.

At his side is Jack, his bastard sibling; their relationship a troubled one. Jacks seeks to be his brothers equal but Richard has difficulty accepting him; impatient, impulsive and impetuous, he is everything Richard is not. There is a dark family secret Richard had always suspected; the final discovery of it changes the relationship between them forever.

Praise for A Queen’s Spy – The Tudor Mystery Trials

“A Queen’s Spy: The Tudor Mystery Trials”, is a highly charged cloak and dagger mystery set in the troubling times that followed the reign of King Henry VIII in 16th Century England. – Readers Favorite

Dialogue and descriptive narrative carry this story along and give the reader a sense of the 16th Century. A thrilling and educational read. Readers Favorite

It is very well written, the prose really conjure up a picture and a feel for the period. The story is complex and there is lots going on and plenty to keep you turning the pages, indeed I found it difficult to put down and I was sad to reach the final pages. Tudor Historical Fiction at its best.

Stacy’s Review:

4 **** stars

I loved the historical aspect to the story. The intrigue was great. I felt, though, the characters were a bit underdeveloped and flat. Like they were written and put into designated boxes…”this is the arrogant, callous lady’s man”, “this one is the underdog with a chip on his shoulder who has tendencies to be careless, impulsive and a bit of a blockhead”, etc and the characters never strayed from the confines of their “boxes”. In reality, people often put on “masks” to hide aspects of themselves they don’t want others to see and make themselves vulnerable, but not matter how carefully constructed the “mask”, the qualities the person would like to hide have a way of peeking through eventually. I did not see that with these characters, and for me, because they  were so one-dimensional, it made it a bit harder to believe. I did not like how they were consistently assuming what the other was thinking, what was motivating the others, why they did what they did and jumping to conclusions. I find that irritating in real life, and just as irritating in a book. Had these things been rectified, I would have given it a higher rating. The books rates as high as it does by me simply because I loved the historical aspect of it.

Daisy’s Review:

4 **** stars

This is a historical fiction novel set in England in the 1550’s, at the time that Mary was Queen and was fearful Elizabeth would try to steal the throne. While this is a large part of the plot, the story itself centers around two half-brothers, Richard and Jack, mercenaries who play for both sides of the royal game.

Richard was long ago falsely accused of a crime he never commited, which stained him for life, causing him to live a shady life in the shadows. Skilled with the sword and possessing a crafty intellegence, he becomes leader of a band of mercenaries, hiring out to whoever pays top price.

Jack, disinherited of the family name and forgotten by all, is frowned on as the unfortunate product of the sins of his father. Convinced of his own low self value, he is a follower, not a leader. When fate brings him together with his half-brother, Richard, he joins up with him and his merry band of men. The tensions rise between him and Richard, as personalities clash.

This story is pouring with drama and the romance of Elizabethian England, with vivid sword plays that you can see in your mind as clearly as if you were there, and with a kind of tension so palpable it will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It is an exciting read, and I enjoyed it. However, the occasional usage by the characters of modern slang detracted from the story, when they’d say things like “Shut up, man”, “whatever”, and the words “you know” in the midst of a sentence. I’d give it four out of five stars.

Note: this book is not really a stand-alone novel. It is part of a series, and you need to read the next in the series to find out what happens next.