Daisy’s Review:

Recommended For Children, adults, and everybody interested in some good clean entertainment.
Review This is a Cinderella fairy tale retelling with a twist… the main character is NOT Cinderella! Instead, the main character is a smart-alec orphan girl named Laure who lives on the streets and steals to survive. One day, she steals from a spice merchant, and is running from the soldiers when she runs into Luc, a young cloth merchant, and knocks his entire store of wares into the palace moat. He tracks her down, and together they devise a way to pay Luc back so that he could start over. 

The day before, the prince had fallen in love with a girl at the Royal Masquerade Ball, but she ran out on him, and the only thing he has left to identify her by is an enormous glass slipper. The king declared that whomsoever fit the shoe, would marry the prince. It was taken throughout the kingdom, but nobody fit the huge shoe. Laure and Luc decide to fool them by making a matching glass shoe in a neighboring kingdom, and then getting a wasp to sting Laure’s foot and make it swell up. If they are found out, they could likely be thrown in the dungeon. Can they get away with it? And can they accomplish all this before the real girl shows up?

This story was nothing like I had expected it to be… it was much better! It was filled with action, adventure, and humor, with just a touch of romance thrown in. It was good, clean fun for all ages. The only things in this book parents might find objectionable for children would be violence and gore, kissing, and the word “sucks”. It would be a great story to read aloud with your children, especially if you are one of those parents who wants to introduce your children to fairytales but doesn’t like the magic in them. This isn’t just meant for children, though, and adults can also get just as much enjoyment out of it. I loved it! Five stars!