Brother My Brother: A Tale of the South

By Jessica McDonald


In the heart of the South, a family is torn apart. But by the Grace of God they find the strength to stand firm against the flowing tide of sorrow and hardship.

Daisy’s Review:

This is a Christian historical fiction novel about a Southern family torn apart by the War Between the States. The story focuses on the trials and troubles of the Marley family, as they learn that the only way to make it through the war is by faith alone. Only God could keep them strong.

Katherine Marley is the woman of the house now that her parents were gone. Her oldest brother Tom left the family to join up with the invading Northern army, which tore at the hearts of the rest of the Marleys, all loyal Southerners. When her next oldest brother, Sam, also leaves to partake in the war, Katherine is left all alone to take care of her two young adopted siblings. When the man she loves also leaves to join the Confederacy, she has nobody left to turn to… nobody but God, who was with her all along. As things start turning worse and worse, will she be able to stay strong in the Lord?

This book was WONDERFUL! I have never read a better fictional account of the Civil War in my life, which is high praise considering how much I read. I believe that everybody even remotely interested in reading about that time period should read this book. The author writes well, and she obviously does her research, because it was remarkably historically accurate, much more so than the vast majority of other Civil War novels I’ve seen. The book is also a powerful witnessing tool for Christianity, with the author’s love of the Lord pouring off of every page. More people of all ages need to read this book, and it can be found here to read for free: