National Drink Wine Day (which was actually yesterday, but celebrating 2 days with wine is good too!)  and Mediterranean Diet Cookbook Review

Happy National Drink Wine Day, people! Yup, it’s really a thing. And what better way to celebrate than to… (fill in the blank).

Betcha probably didn’t say “review a book about the Mediterranean Diet”, did you? 😉 Well, that’s what I said when I asked myself. Any that’s what I’m doing now. One of the main differences of the Mediterranean Diet is that you drink one to two glasses of red wine daily, so today is perfect for any Mediterranean Dieters who may be reading this post.

Enjoy the review, and I would like to propose a toast: “To bookworms the world over, may the books you read be wonderful!” clink


Do you want to reach your weight goals faster? Lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of a heart disease? Or maybe you are just looking for quick and authentic recipes.
If you (1) struggle with weight or health problems, and (2) never know where to startwhat to eat or what to buy, that overwhelming feeling isn’t something you have to live with. Using The Mediterranean Diet is your key to reaching your weight goals, addressing health problems and living a healthy lifestyle without effort.

Discover exactly what the Mediterranean Diet is about and what makes it so popular and “healthy.”
The Mediterranean Diet is a cookbook with quick and authentic recipes that allows you to truly taste the traditional flavours of the Mediterranean region without spending hours in the kitchen. You’ll learn how to quickly prepare meals and use ingredients that will not only taste delicious, but also lower your weight and improve your health. This book will fundamentally change your mindset on how to prepare healthy Mediterranean food and sticking to it.

You will no longer have to struggle with your busy schedule because you’ll always exactly know what to eat and how to prepare it in less than 30 minutes.

Whether it’s buying the right foods at the local supermarket, reaching your weight goals, or lowering your cholesterol level, The Mediterranean Diet is your quickest and surest route to success – no matter the situation.

Why listen to me? Because I was born and raised in the Mediterranean region with all the traditions and kitchen knowledge that comes with it, and I love to share them with you!

How to reach your weight goals and improve your health by using the Mediterranean diet?
Understanding how to prepare authentic and healthy foods allow you to take charge of your body and reach your weight and health goals without effort.

Are you not sure how much olive oil to use? Or maybe you don’t know what foods to buy? What about modifying the diet slightly to your preferences?

No matter when, you’ll be able to prepare delicious healthy meals and save precious time by using the quick recipes to spend your valuable time with friends and family. Your health and body will improve greatly, and you’ll never have to worry about diets that make you feel awkward or uncomfortable anymore.

What will you find inside the Mediterranean Diet cookbook?
Step-by-step instructions to prepare quick authenticMediterranean meals. Visiting your local supermarket prepared with a shopping guide. A 7-day meal plan to get you started. Unique quality photos for every recipe.
As well as:
Background information of recipes. Nutritional information and serving sizes. Interesting and fun facts of every recipe. Alternative ways of flavouring.
Learn how to improve your health and taste the Mediterranean flavors in an effordless way.

Daisy’s Review:

5 ***** stars!

This is a cookbook full of healthful, tasty recipes from the Mediterranean area. It contains 50 recipes, and accompanies each recipe with a picture, information about the food’s origins, nutritional information, possible variations, and sometimes fun facts. It speaks of the principles and benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and the health benefits of several commonly used ingredients, such as olive oil. It has extensive conversion charts in the back for converting the recipes to the metric system, for those who use it, and it also has a 7 day meal plan and a shopping guide. There are also pretty photographs of foods, plants, and buildings from Italy, Greece, Spain, etc., scattered throughout the book, which I enjoyed.
I tried the recipe for Fish Kofte, using canned salmon instead of fresh salmon and 2 teaspoons dried parsley instead of 1/2 cup fresh parsley (half of the parsley in the batter and half in the breadcrumbs), and it turned out pretty good, although a little salty, and with a more runny batter than it should have had. This was probably attributable to my use of canned salmon, though, so this probably wouldn’t be a problem with fresh fish like the recipe calls for.
I plan on trying more of the delicious-looking dishes in coming days, such as Garcia’s recipes for Boiled Potatoes with Onions, Imam Bayildi, Mushroom Lasagna, and Caponata. It is rare for so many recipes in one book to look so delicious!!! Don’t just the words “Mushroom Lasagna” make your mouth water?