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Hi everybody! I’m Stacy’s new blog partner; y’all can call me Daisy. Although blogging my reviews is completely new to me, writing them is not. I’ve been reviewing books, independently published books in particular, for a while now, and I really enjoy helping indie authors whenever I can. Like Stacy, I feel that nothing beats holding an actual, tangible book in your hands, and while I have an ereader, it does not read .mobi files… so please folks, if you would like to send us books to review but only have ebooks available, make it a .pdf or .epub for me. Many thanks!

Now for a little about me. These are my greatest passions:


God tops all my other passions, and I try to use my other interests to glorify Him whenever possible.


My literary interests are broad, but my main interests are non-fiction, historical fiction, action/adventure, Westerns, and classic literature.


I’m currently writing my first novel, and have written many unpublished short stories previously.


God gave us all herbs “for the service of man”, and I like to discover how each God-given herb can be best utilized. I have a background in herbalism, and enjoy books on the subject.

Feel free to connect with me on Goodreads or LibraryThing! I love to chat. 🙂


My dream library: (Take that, Stacy! LOL)