Our dear author- friend Joe Matlock has informed us that as a gift to all you romance lovers in honor of Valentine’s Day, is generously offering free to one and all, a copy of “The Dance”!


They have nothing in common. Focused and content with their lives as active single people, Sharon Hollingsworth and Toby Eisler turn up on the dance floor of life.
He’s a country-boy coast guard pilot, flying harrowing rescues and chasing drug smugglers in northern California. She’s an heiress, tending to her isolated existence outside the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, involving herself with friends, social events, classical music and humoring her over-protective father.
With Sharon’s father undermining their encounters, the couple struggle with a long distance relationship, knowing that in a heartbeat, reality can steal everything away.

My Review:

4 **** stars

I really liked this book, though at the end, I was angry, and cried…. not angry with the book, or the characters, but at fate, as it was so true-to-life and how life can play such cruel tricks on people. Of how nothing is guaranteed, and sometimes the people who a person thinks really deserves a break, and can find a bit of happiness gets robbed of it. The Dance is the tale of two unlikely people meeting and falling in love. People that would normally never meet unless chance or the Divine Hand intervened, and as usually happens, opposites attract. Against numerous obstacles they are determined to defy and persist for their love, and are optimistic about their joint futures on the bright horizon, and then the unthinkable happens. Mr. Matlock has written another wonderful book about what is really important in life, values, and to savor every minute with our loved ones as we never know what tomorrow could bring.

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