I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all our readers! I hope this year brings you all you hope for, and may it be your best year ever! : )

This past year brought me many unexpected developments, causing me to be absent for much of the year from the blog and the internet entirely, but I am optimistic for 2019!

In my book world, I received some books for the first time in many years, which I am excited about:


Which my daughter gave me, and had a brilliant idea for me to do a weekly post about it as I read it, to see if it improves my health. She personally knows people that sings its praises– including one of her friends who’s lupus went into remission after doing the program, and was also on oxygen, and has been able to go out for the first time in a decade without oxygen due to it as well. My daughter started it as well, and has begun to lose weight after all attempts at eating healthy and working out like a fiend made no difference. So I am excited to see what happens! She also gave me the following to go with it:

As well as a Barnes & Noble gift card which I have not used yet– so I think this is a great start to my literary year! : )

Book thought:

“A dose of poison can do its work only once, but a bad book can go on poisoning people’s mind for any length of time.”– John Murray