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Interview with Melissa, Owner and Designer of “Literary Book Gifts” with a Special Promo Code Only for Our Readers! We recently interviewed Melissa of Literary Book Gifts. When we checked out her designs and products, we fell in love, hence the interview! Interview With Melissa twogalsandabook: How many different designs do you currently carry? Melissa: Over 70 designs now! twogalsandabook: Can… Continue Reading →

So cool! I never knew these existed! Go Medieval by Attaching a Book to Your Belt They’re incredibly rare today, but portable girdle books were once very handy. BY SARAH LASKOW APRIL 19, 2018 A girdle book held by the Beinecke Library at Yale University. BEINECKE LIBRARY/CC BY-SA… Continue Reading →

Children’s Books For Spring

It is finally starting to feel like spring, which makes us think of new life, flowers, rain, warmer weather, bunnies, ducks and chicks, among others. So to celebrate the new season (though according to the calendar, we have been there… Continue Reading →

Review of Happily by Chauncey Rogers

Stacy’s Review: 4 **** stars Happily is an unusual twist on the Cinderella fairy tale. The main character, in fact is not Cinderella, but a orphaned, street-smart girl named Laure. The cover says “No fairy godmother. No magic pumpkins. Just… Continue Reading →

Bookish Street Art | street art united states

My home used to be Chorlton, Manchester (in the UK). Now home is Newtown, Sydney (in Australia). Culturally they are similar suburbs. Colourful, eccentric, tolerant, diverse, hip, politically involved, bohemian. Not quite separated at birth. But pretty close. I’m connected… Continue Reading →

Plagiarism software pins down new source for Shakespeare’s plays | Books | The Guardian

Scholars say the likelihood of George North’s unpublished manuscript A Brief Discourse of Rebellion sharing words and features with the Bard’s plays by chance is ‘less than one in a billion’ Source: Plagiarism software pins down new source for Shakespeare’s… Continue Reading →

The January Book Cover of the Month Starts Now!

Don’t forget to vote for this month’s best cover contest!

The 2017 M.L.S. Weech Book Cover of the Year Bracket Starts Now!

Head over to M. L. S. Weech’s blog and vote for the book cover you like best!

Blackbeard’s Book

I am not sure why the link kept bringing people back here, so I added the url… sorry for the delay in reading the article! Well mateys… I thought you might find this interesting… pieces of a book were found… Continue Reading →

J. R. R. Tolkien Day

I was surprised to learn that January 3rd is officially J. R. R. Tolkien Day. I am pleased that a day is dedicated to one of my favorite authors!  According to The Tolkien Society: “What is the Tolkien Birthday Toast?… Continue Reading →

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