My home used to be Chorlton, Manchester (in the UK). Now home is Newtown, Sydney (in Australia). Culturally they are similar suburbs. Colourful, eccentric, tolerant, diverse, hip, politically involved, bohemian. Not quite separated at birth. But pretty close. I’m connected to both places by an invisible length of twine. I have on occasion, made a slip of the tongue. Calling Newtown Chorlton. And vice versa. Once considered a bit dodgy, both are now on the inevitable path to gentrification. Years ago, during my first weekend living in Chorlton, the main shopping area was evacuated by the Police. A grenade had been found in a local pub. Things have poshed up a bit up since then. A point of difference is public art. Chorlton has (or had… things may have changed) none. Newtown has public art aplenty. Everywhere, artists showcase their talent. On a big scale. Garden walls. sides of houses. Even shop facades. You can’t move for murals here and it’s bloody fantastic. You should come explore

Source: Top 5 Murals in Newtown, Australia | street art united states

I love it!