The past is kind enough to give you lessons. The present is kind enough to give you opportunities. The future is kind enough to give you both.


avatar-1300582__340Stacy can be geeky, weird and flat-out strange. : ) She loves reading and anything pertaining to books, as well as cooking, crafts, gardening, and diy. She is  a Christian and loves the Lord.

I will read almost anything, except I really don’t get into erotica, paranormal, or religious material other than Christian. Physical books are my favorite– the feel, smell, and weight of the books, as well as the very act of page-turning, I feel, adds so much to the experience. I do own a Kindle as well, but it is my second choice for reading. I absolutely love history, and love anything old– the older the better…. old books, house, stuff, music, movies, etc. I love learning… info, skills, recipes, you name it.

Let us be of good cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those which never come. — James Russel Lowell


This is my “dream” home library!


These are books that I either won or was gifted by the author and read last year (not including e-books).



Above is books I have read in 2017 for authors/or won in giveaways, (excluding ebooks), and apart from what I had read for my own pleasure. I hope to meet (if not exceed) this 2018!


Stacy’s books

The Sandman
it was amazing
Wow! Now that book was intense! I literally could not put it down (I read all 496 pages in two days)… this one would make a great movie. I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next, how were all the disappearances connecte…
The Wedding Date
liked it
Even though I have seen many other people loving this book, I really didn’t like it a whole lot. I thought it was kinda “eh”. It was sweet, romantic, had moments of humor, but for me, it was a bit much with the sex. From the 2nd day Alex…
Destiny's Gambit
really liked it
Even though this book is geared toward the middle school age set, I enjoyed it a lot myself. It reminded me a bit of “The Chronicles of Narnia”, but in outer space and with pirates. It was a mix of fantasy with steampunk, and I look forw…

Stacy’s books

The Romanovs: 1613-1918
The Sandman
The Wedding Date
Destiny's Gambit
Easy Amazon FBA Book Selling Guide: How I earn an Extra $2,000 Per Month Side Income Selling Books Part Time on Amazon
And the Mountains Echoed
Christ Liveth In Me and Game With Minutes
The Queens of Innis Lear
Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All the Way
Love, Secrets, and Absolution
Dark Side of Sunset Pointe
The Icons of Man: Book One
Gun Kiss
N. N. Light’s Book of Daily Inspiration
The Art of Winning
A Snowflake's Chance in Hell
Fabulous Histories: The History of the Robins
Stranger: The Challenge of a Latino Immigrant in the Trump Era
The Frightened Little Flower Bud

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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Stacy has
read 22 books toward
her goal of
175 books.