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The Wizard of Nod is the second installment of a larger tale of The Bloodline Chronicles. Once again Jake and Stephen find themselves back in prison when they are tasked with recovering the Staff of Moses. Time is running out for the Shaddai and their last hope is to recover the staff before the evil Grigori find it. As Jake and Stephen try to stay one step ahead of Sam Jericho and his task force they must fight the Wizards minions and make it across the country and back before the evil Wizard kills the only man who knows the secrets of the staff’s powers. The battle for the twelve enchanted instruments continues and Mordred, the Wizard of Nod has located the Sword of Kings also known as Excalibur. In their journey from San Francisco to Washington DC and back, Stephen and the beautiful Sherri Burke find love does not wait for ideal timing. Evil is on the rise and Jake’s faith will be tested like never before as he learns his teenaged daughter Abigail has joined their quest.



Stacy’s Review:  4****

Jake and Stephen are off on adventures again in book #2 of the Bloodline Chronicles Series! Battling evil monsters, on the quest to find some of the 12 enchanted instruments before the evil Grigori do, and learning more of what is required to be Shaddai take the reader on a thrilling ride through 2 dimensions. More characters made their appearance in this one, and some have left the stage…. I am waiting to see what happens in book 3– will the Shaddai succeed or will the Grigori ultimately win? And what about Abigail? How is she Jake’s destiny when that is his daughter? Lots of questions to be unraveled still.

Thanks Anthony for allowing me to read this book! I read it quickly (for me), since it was difficult to put aside, with wanting to know what would happen next.


Mischenko’s Review:

The Wizard of Nod by Anthony Jones is the second book in the series The Bloodline Chronicles.

After reading the first installment of The Bloodline Chronicles, I couldn’t wait to get into the second, The Wizard of Nod. The book picks up right where Sword of Goliath left off. They are in need of the remaining instruments including the Staff of Moses which becomes a huge challenge for them.

Things I loved, once again-the cover. I enjoyed the Bible verses incorporated into the story. I especially enjoyed all the new characters that were introduced, notably Abigail. The writing style is wonderful and it’s an easy read in a unique format that’s even more action packed than the first. I’m still so astonished with the imagination and creativity of this author. This author is very innovative and is sure to please fantasy readers.

There were just a few elements I had difficulty with. There was definitely more emotion with The Wizard of Nod as the story took some serious twists and turns and the ending was a bit difficult-for me. Regardless, I’m looking forward to subsequent books in this series and I’m hopeful for the future of the characters.

Thanks to author Anthony Jones for sharing a copy of The Wizard of Nod and The Sword of Goliath with me. I’m happy to have these as part of my collection and certainly looking forward to more!



Interview Q&A with Anthony Jones

Twogalsandabook: Do you use an outline when you write, and how did you decide on your writing format of the Bloodline Chronicles?

Anthony Jones: I did not use any outline when writing The Sword of Goliath. If you read The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King you likely noticed I borrowed his written numbered scene breaks. This made it easier for me to review and make necessary changes with my editor. I like the format although some find it disagreeable including my good friend and fellow author D. B. Lewis. As I continue the Bloodline Chronicles, I will follow this format. When writing The Wizard of Nod, I started in Scribner but found I preferred to simply write in Word and use my notes to outline my plot.

Twogalsandabook: After Azazel was killed, and Mordred’s hand severed and Mordred fleeing in fear, why did Jake not recover the Spear of Longinus and Excalibur when he had plenty opportunity to recover 2 of the enchanted instruments?

Anthony Jones: I love these kinds of questions. And honestly, only when we see where the tale moves from here will we know the answer. Other than Excalibur, I think we were left to wonder what happened to the weapons following the battle at Stanford. We know Stephen had The Sword of Goliath and Azazel the Spear of Longinus during the battle. We also know Mordred was able to scoop up Excalibur as he fled. Perhaps we will learn when Jake was arrested by Jericho and the crime scene was led by Jack Murphy’s task force the weapons were processed into the evidence room in San Francisco police department. This would cause us to wonder if the SFPD is corrupted by the evil Grigori. Or maybe, while Jake was distracted with Sam Jericho, Michael and Raphael paid a visit to Stanford on that fatal night for the purpose of securing the enchanted weapons. I would love to know what readers would like to see happen. At this point, I simply don’t know ~

Twogalsandabook: Is the character on the cover Mordred, or Jake?

Anthony Jones: The Cover depicts Mordred of the Forest, The Wicked Wizard of Nod and his familiar Poe the grape loving raven.

Twogalsandabook: The covers are stunning. Did you have a part in designing the book covers?

Anthony Jones: Dane is my cover design guy. I simply told Dane what I wanted and as if reading my mind he was able to capture my thoughts. I hope you noticed the mark of the Shaddai in the O on the cover of The Wizard of Nod. Both books in the Bloodline Chronicles have what some authors refer to as Easter eggs. Hidden messages and fun facts. One of my readers was correct when she wrote the following ~

“Throughout the book there is a symbol you use of a U with a line through it and three dots on top. It finally dawned on me what I believe that is. It’s the second to last letter in the Hebrew alphabet called Shin which also is used as El Shaddai, the name of God”

Twogalsandabook: What inspired you to do the character transformation into Merlyn? Had you planned to incorporate Merlyn in the story all along?

The Arthurian legend developed only after I started the second installment when I decided to have the Sword of Kings or Adams sword in the Garden of Eden with Melchizedek. The sword buried into the tree of Knowledge and good and evil was not unlike the sword in the stone tale. From there it just made sense to include one of the many lives of Melchizedek to be Merlyn. I enjoyed watching how the tale developed to include the other Arthurian character names such as The Lady of the Lake, Mordred, Arthur the whizzler, Hengroen the horse, and Morgana.

Twogalsandabook: I am assuming with the book ending with Morgana being freed from her crystal cocoon, that she will be a character will see quite a bit of in #3?

Anthony Jones: I have mentioned my good friend and fellow author D. B. Lewis in my books. David and I collaborated on many scenes in The Bloodline Chronicles. He is a very gifted writer. Once I completed the draft of The Wizard of Nod, David was the first to read it and provide feedback. The book started with a prelude and also included many interludes to carry the sub plot of Melchizedek. Because of the prelude and the interludes I was obliged to include a postlude and have my good friend D. B. Lewis do the writing. It was only after reading the draft that I met Morgana for the first time. I decided to publish David’s postlude as written and together we have plotted out how Morgana will add to the tale. I think you will be surprised how her character develops.

Twogalsandabook: Do you have any idea when we could expect to see #”s 3 and 4 in the series?

Anthony Jones: I am constantly adding notes and doing research for the next installment of the Bloodline Chronicles. However, at the moment, I’m writing a science fiction novel currently titled “Legacies” set in the future following the second USA Civil War. I would like to have this book completed by the end of September. Then I will likely be back on The Bloodline Chronicles with hopes of releasing the third installment in January 2018.

Thank you for your kind words, questions and generous ratings. Also, thank you for featuring my books on your blog. I am happy to answer any questions about my books your readers may have in the future ~ God bless

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Twogalsandabook would like to thank author Anthony Jones for sharing his stories with us and taking the time to do this interview.