Some of our readers, who had read “Sweet Breath Of Memory” by Ariella Cohen, and enjoyed it, 27208940 (1) (for reviews and interview, see here), had asked us to find out if and when a sequel would be in the works. When we asked Ms. Cohen that readers were hungry for more, and about the sequel, she responded,

”  What wonderful news. Well, not until 2020. I have a YA/crossover coming out in Dec. of ’19 and that’s sort of pushed my adult characters to the back burner! But the good news is that I’ll be working with a new publisher for that sequel that’s just setting up shop – Maine Street Publishers in (of course) Maine! They will publish literary women’s fiction (mostly hardcover) with a great business model – 15% of gross sales donated to libraries. Nobody does that!!”

Thank you Ariella for that update, and we wish you much success in your endeavors!