The question for this assignment was “Who do you think your ideal reader would be?”
In my mind, in regards to a book blog, there is no “ideal” reader, aside from the fact one loves books enough to seek out what others are reading and what they think about books. Outside of that, reading tastes are so personal and unique as fingerprints. Where one will like a character, another can’t stand him/her. Some readers focus on a genre or two exclusively, and others dabble in a wide range. I think what unites all of us readers is the love of the written word in general. No matter the form, we love authors’ imaginations, the desire to craft a story, telling us of a moment in time of one person’s life to spanning many generations of a family or community. We love being transported to places we may never visit, cultures we may never get to experience, bygone eras, and future ones we can only dream about. I love connecting with other readers, to hear what they liked or didn’t about a book, and to hear book recs. So in celebration of our shared passion, I embrace the global bibliophile family! Happy reading!