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A veteran reporter for CBS news describes his 40 days of torture and imprisonment after being captured by the Iraquis during the Gulf War. Simon recounts his harrowing ordeal and the events leading up to his release, including the intervention of Mikhail Gorbachev.

Stacy’s Review:

4 **** Stars

A memoir that would have been frightening indeed to experience! Bob Simon, renowned t.v. journalist/ investigative reporter was abducted with a few of his team on the Saudi/ Kuwaiti border and held hostage in Iraq. Kidnapped at the start of the Operation Desert Storm and enduring horrible treatment, he also witnessed episodes of mercy and some of his captors were kind. A great tale of the horrors of being a prisoner of war, being accused as a spy, and the fragility of hope when all is despair.


Stacy’s Review:

3 *** Stars

A bunch of fleas, at home on a dog, overhear the owners (after noticing the dog scratching), say the dog will go to the vet and get a “treat”. The fleas get really excited, trying to guess what this “treat” could be? They think that since they live on the dog, if he gets something special then they too, will get to enjoy it, if only indirectly. Oh, but they find out at the vet’s that the “treat” is to get rid of them! The fleas do have a happy ending by finding, at the last second, a new dog to live on.
Daisy’s “F” Pick:
For fans of “The Revenant” and “In the Heart of the Sea”, “From a Blood-Red Sea” is one of the most remarkable survival stories ever told.

Daniel Collins sailed out of Wiscasset, Maine, for Matanzas, Cuba, in November 1824. It was his first voyage as a merchant seaman, and it would also be his last. His ship, the Betsey, was wrecked in a terrible storm, and Collins and his crewmates were left adrift in a leaking lifeboat, in shark-infested waters, a hundred miles from land. After a torturous few days with no water or provisions, they reached a remote island, where they were brutally attacked by a savage band of pirates. Collins was horribly injured, but he escaped, alone, through water “colored with blood”. Then, with astonishing courage and determination, Collins began an epic journey across land and sea in a desperate effort to escape from the pirates, to reach civilization, and to find a way home.

A Superelastic Single Shot: longer than a magazine article, shorter than a full-length book, 12,000 words = approx 70 mins reading time.

Daisy’s Review:
5 ***** Stars!
This is a very short nonfiction historical ebook taking place in the years 1824-1825, and the places traveled in the story range from Maine to Cuba with a lot of ocean and islands in between.

This ebook was about a man named Daniel Collins, and chronicles his experiences as he survives one harrowing ordeal after the other, living by faith in God alone. A seaman, he is one of only a handful of survivors who escaped from a sinking ship. After days at sea with no supply of food or water, they finally come across an inhabited island… which turns out to be a pirate hideout. The pirates don’t have any use for them, and judging by the headless corpses littering the waters of the cove, they don’t take kindly to strangers. When the pirates set upon them with obvious intent, Collins escapes… presumably the only member of the crew to do so. He then undergoes a death-defying journey, his only goal being to find a way to get back home to his family. Trodding barefoot through mosquito-filled jungles, swimming miles from one tiny island to the next through shark and crocodile infested waters, evading pirates, being laid upon by robbers who take what little he has left, this is the ultimate survival adventure… and it is completely true.

I thought that this book was well researched and well written, and I enjoyed it immensely. I can’t wait to read more by this fantastic author. Five stars!