Legend tells of a time long, long ago in yon, vast kingdom of Goodreads, when the Ladies Mischenko and Stacy, perchance did meet, and their love for books was mutual. Thus, a mighty alliance was formed, since known as Twogalsandabook.com, and are not their great deeds sung in song by minstrels, and their fantastic acts retold by scribes? Join the two gallant and fair damsels on their quest as they slay novels, bring into submission volumes, and conquer tomes, while meeting the nobility of literature. They will bravely wield the keys of their keyboards and plumb the depths and scale the heights in the great adventure of reading.

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Below is our rating system. This is how we rate books!

5***** – We loved it! Will probably purchase

4**** – Really good, but not a favorite

3*** – Just Ok

2** – We didn’t hate it, but glad to be done

1* – We might not have finished it – Flat out didn’t like it


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