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January 2018

The December Book Cover of the Month Begins

Don’t forget to vote!

Today Is Blue Monday

They say today is “Blue Monday”– the day when all of the holidays are officially over, everyone is feeling the letdown from it, bills are starting to come in from all the holiday shopping (and everyone is broke, which itself… Continue Reading →

Congratulations to Our Latest Winner!

Congratulations go out to Floatinggold, the winner of “New Reads for the New Year” bundle giveaway! Happy reading!

The 2017 M.L.S. Weech Book Cover of the Year Bracket Starts Now!

Head over to M. L. S. Weech’s blog and vote for the book cover you like best!

Haiku #5…

Check out this great blog and show Shreya some love!

My Recent Activity

Here are just a few things I have done recently I thought I’d share. I saw this article that came across the wire yesterday that I thought would be of interest to some book readers. It is from “Time” magazine… Continue Reading →

Leave Me A Link and I'll Share Your Page!!

What a wonderful concept! Thank you! I have reblogged this at Happy New Year! Visit Dray here!

Amazon's 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime Tag

I have read 17 of the 100– hopefully knock some more out this year!

Widow of Papina by Kate Hampstead Book Blitz!

We are happy to be involved in the “Widow of Papina” by Kate Hampstead Book Blitz from Xpresso  Book Tours! Here is a bit about the book: The excerpt file I could not get to open, so unfortunately, I can’t… Continue Reading →

Word Nerd Day

Today is Word Nerd Day, which I thought particularly apt, as book lovers, we love the written word. Two books that we have read, by the same author, came to both of our minds immediately. Reviews follow, with a extra… Continue Reading →

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