South Korean Barista Lee Kang-Bin Takes Coffee Art To A Whole New Level, Renders Masterpieces Atop Customers’ Drinks

Oh my gosh this is soooo cool! I am reblogging this! Thanks for sharing!

I know, this is technically not  bookish, but for me books and coffee (and tea) are irrevocably linked, so I had to share! This artist’s talent I find so amazing! To be sure, before one of his masterpieces was consumed, you certainly would want to take a picture of it to forever preserve the memory. I am so amazed!


“CreamArt,” as described by South Korean coffee shop owner Lee Kang-bin, has had its bar raised in recent years, not least because Lee himself has been creating miniaturised imitations of world-famous masterpieces, including Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” and Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”, as well as an array of pop culture icons, e.g. Captain Jack Sparrow, Aladdin, and E.T., to name but a few, on top of customers’ latte drinks.

Given that coffee consumption has almost doubled in South Korea since 1990, according to the International Coffee Organisation, it is no surprise that Lee Kang-bin, the owner of Seoul’s “Café C. Through”, has come to prominence in the world of coffee art for his intricate, mesmerising designs. The only hitch is that customers have to wait a mere 15 minutes for his artistry to present itself.

Lee Kang-Bin Coffee Art 1Lee Kang-Bin 4Lee Kang-Bin Coffee Art 2Lee Kang-Bin 3

ben-rubin-subway-doodle-2 BEN RUBIN’S NYC SUBWAY DOODLES


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20 thoughts on “South Korean Barista Lee Kang-Bin Takes Coffee Art To A Whole New Level, Renders Masterpieces Atop Customers’ Drinks

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    1. I know right?!? The detail is amazing. I could probably just sit and stare at it, admiring it forever. Wouldn’t be cool to say, be reading little women, and have a latte with a scene from the book on it? The possibilities are endless… I wish I was rich enough for him to be my personal barista, and create new works of art for me to enjoy with my literature everyday! X D


  1. I saw this on Facebook and was in awe! It’s so pretty I wouldn’t even want to ruin it by drinking it! I think they were saying it takes a half an hour to make one? That’s some dedication for sure!

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    1. Yes, I don’t like the clown either– it is enough to give an adult nightmares, let alone a child!
      You are hilarious! I don’t think on my best, most creative day, I could come close to replicating that guy’s simplest masterpiece! That would be a challenge– to drink the coffee in the clown outfit! : )

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    1. You are very welcome! I agree completely! Yes, one would imagine if the colors would effect the flavor? I think if I tried to drink it, I would forever be plagued with guilt for eliminating a masterpiece from the world forever. : / Thanks for commenting!

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