Art Made From Books

Although this is bit off the beaten track for this blog, since it still dealt with the subject of books, I thought it was kind of interesting topic. I found these videos to illustrate. I know a lot of readers, after reading a book, wish to get rid of it. Maybe these artists can provide a bit of inspiration in regards to those discards? : )


We all knew that books can inspire, but who would have thought in ways like this?

7 thoughts on “Art Made From Books

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    1. I know what you mean– I never could! For me, books are sacred, but I know there are readers who have no desire to keep a book after it is read, or that after it is consumed, would have no problem with doing something else with it. I thought it was pretty cool what they turned those books into, but at the same time I cringed, and thought “Oh my, all those lovely books no longer capable of being read!” I guess to each his own….. : )

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    1. I thought the artwork was beautiful as well! I guess it is true, with enough imagination, art can come from anything! Thanks for commenting! : )


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